slim pickin’s

Maybe I’ve had too much therapy, or perhaps I’ve just become numb to it all. I guess I’ll just have to go off my meds so I can get inspired for a new rant.

Of course I could go on right now about how retarded people can be and still be able to graduate from college these days, but I’m tired, so tired.


4 Comments on “slim pickin’s”

  1. Amanda says:

    Not really too sure how I came across your blog but I enjoyed it. I have two tattoos, thus far, and didn’t know some of the client etiquette. Good to know information, I just figured I could explain and show a poor picture of what I wanted and have the “artist” come up with exactly what I wanted. As dumb as that sounds it made sense to me until you explained other wise.

  2. E.L. says:

    I also have no idea how I stumbled in here but… I’m a tattoo artist in South Africa and some of these posts are so brutally honest it takes away the thick outer buildup of sour and exposes the hilarious under belly of being a tattooist so well that I find myself in tears from laughter. This blog is wonderful, and please know you’ve inspired at least one person out there in the deep blue internet. ❤

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